Playground Play

For me, when at the park, I assume children are going to play and parents would be playing with them.  This is how I have played with my children.  But, too often I see parents sitting on the bench, not interacting as well as children saying “no” to my son when he asks to play with them.  As a Play Therapist providing play therapy and family therapy, I work hard to incorporate play in to the lives of children and families on a daily basis.  Play is the foundation for FUN, relationships and health.  As our rousing game of tag took off, another family arrived.  My son asked the older teenage boys to play, they obliged, and before you knew it the sister and dad were ALL playing!!  I took notice of other families arriving and it seemed to become a giant game of TAG!  It was so much FUN!  We were there for over 2 hours.  This was the best form of therapy, stress relief, exercise and relationship building.  So, I encourage you to PLAY with your children and have FUN!

Assuming Playground Play
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