Primary Benefits of Gene SNP*
- Learn about variations in your unique genetic code
- Understand how your current nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices interact with your unique genetic code
- Make informed decisions regarding eating habits, sleeping habits, lifestyle choices and exercise based on your genes
- Learn which market-leading nutraMetrix® nutraceuticals to recommended in a personalized Health Action Plan.

What makes Gene SNP unique?
When it comes to our bodies, we want to make choices that have a positive impact on our health. But some of those decisions – eating the wrong foods, making certain lifestyle choices, even the way we exercise – could impact our body's ability to maintain optimum health. Even if we think we’re making the right choices, there are other factors that help determine our overall picture of health.
When it comes to your health, the answers are in your genes. Your DNA tells a story: how you process foods, how you react to exercise, how your environment affects your body, how your family history plays a part in your health.

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