I have many questions and comments about the Nutraceuticals, Supplements, and other services I offer related to these products (ie: GeneSNP & TLS).  These are services and products that I use, I have researched, studied and over the past 4.5 years I have heard numerous success stories and have met many of these people; it is the real deal!  I offer these products and services as a convenience, because it is a scary world out there when it comes to all of this!!  I have DONE THE WORK AND the product brokerage company has done the work to learn what is best for a person’s body based on science and the latest research.

The attached web link is a wonderful summary of main points of interest, facts and top supplements.  This is an informational post that I hope will help you when questioning your health and wellness journey.

Live Your Best Life,
Renee Carlson, MS, LPCC-S, RPT-S
Integrative Health Coach


Nutraceutical/Supplement Information
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